List of courses for selected education branch: Architecture

Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
KDE/819 Modern and Contemporary Architecture Summer Czech 2  
KDT/048 20th Century Architecture I Winter Czech 1  
KDT/049 20th Century Architecture II Summer Czech 1  
KDT/763 20th Northwest Bohemia I Winter Czech 1  
KDT/764 20th Northwest BohemiaII Summer Czech 1  
KDT/815 Select.chapters from the artist.per.45 I Winter Czech 1  
KDT/816 Selec.chapters from the artist.per.45 II Summer Czech 1  
KHI/KV17 Formation of the Modern City Winter and summer Czech 4  
KHI/0016 History of Architecture I Winter and summer Czech 3  
KHI/0017 History of Architecture II Summer Czech 3  
KHI/0018 History of Architecture III Winter and summer Czech 4  
KHI/0078 Folk Architecture Winter Czech 4  
KHI/0161 PVK- Archit.inSandstones and on Sandst. Winter Czech 4  
KHI/0203 PVK- Practice at Folk Architecture Summer Czech 4  
KHI/0283 Modern Architecture Winter and summer Czech 4 The course is available to visiting students
KHI/0427 History of architecture I Winter Czech 3  
KHI/0433 History of Architecture III Winter Czech 3  
KHI/0436 History of Architecture IV Summer Czech 4  
KHI/0445 History of architecture II Summer Czech 4  
KCH/P215 Architecture Develop. and Building Ind. Summer Czech 2