Faculty Faculty of Education (PF)
Study programme Primary School Teacher Education (M7503)
Branch of study Teaching in Primary Schools (7503T047/0 - A7)
Level of acquired qualification Undergraduate Master
Form of study Combined
Standard length of study 5 years
Number of ECTS credits 240
Qualification awarded Master (Mgr.)
Access to further studies Doctoral study programme  
Type of completion State Final Exam
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students
Klenerová Jana, Mgr.
Email: Jana.Klenerova@ujep.cz
Phone: +420475283165
Key learning outcomes The aim of the study field Teaching for primary school is to provide graduates with secondary education to gain professional skills, knowledge and competence, specific expertise from a wider range of subjects related to education and to prepare them for qualified carrying out of primary teacher's activities. General educational component of graduate's profile is characterized by the knowledge and skills that contribute to: ˘ orientation in curricular and social changes, ˘ cultivation of general education, cultivation of speech, development of discursive thinking, ˘ Work with modern informational technologies and their rational use in teacher's preparation and realization ˘ Support of effective, independent study and obtaining information in the study in order to create a basis for lifelong learning. Professional constituent of graduate's profile is characterized by the ability to apply acquired knowledge and skills that permit qualified lead and manage the educational process in primary school. It is a complex of knowledge and intellectual and practical skills in pedagogy and psychology, special education, branch didactics in order to: ˘ respect the personality of the pupil, develop it and create optimal educational climate for pupils. ˘ develop pupil's potentiality, ˘ plan a techniques to stimulate pupil's learning and realized them, ˘ diagnose pupil's knowledge and skills, ˘ develop ability of pedagogical thinking, it does it mean, learn to understand basic pedagogical problems and learn how to make educational decisions, ˘ readily solve changing pedagogical situations, ˘ solve concrete methodical issues of the educational process, ˘ plan or alternatively innovate curriculum of primary school and accordingly also realize, ˘ integrate a content of primary education and mediate to children the foundations of a compact picture of the world, ˘ formulate pedagogical issues, verify and innovate pedagogical practice based on their own research, ˘ acquire knowledge and skills in the organization of work, negotiate with people particularly the skill to use pedagogical tact in educational work with children, in case of dealings with parents and school's social partners In term of practical education study allows graduates developing deeper abilities, skills and talent in music, art, physical and dramatic education. Also manage processes and specific of educations, which form foundations for further education, harmonious developed personality in aesthetic, emotional, spiritual and reshaped relationship to aesthetic, cultural and social values: ˘ critical orientation and view in current events in the field of theory and practice of dramatic education, music and art at the middle school and some special types of schools, ˘ orientation in the relevant documents; dramatic, art, musical-pedagogical and psychological literature and literature in general cultural focus, ˘ knowledge of motives and needs, the ability of differentiated capturing activities by adequate activities and form in a suitable medium ˘ ability to creatively transform pedagogical ideas from art and psychology, art forms to the pupil's world within substantiated "pedagogical work" ˘ ability to own creatively adventure experience, reflection of the experience and art, music, dramatic and pedagogical evaluation ˘ to engage in branch discourse ˘ ability to use aesthetic, spiritual and cultural specifics of different ethnic, cultural and social groups
Specific admission requirements unspecified
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning unspecified
Qualification requirements and regulations unspecified
Profile of the programme academical
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples academical
Branch of study guarantor Brtnová-Čepičková Ivana, doc. PaedDr. Ph.D.
Simple list of courses for the given plan Course list by year of study and semester Structured list of courses in the plan
Status Recommended year of study Recommended semester Course code Course title (* Final State Examination) Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
A Compulsory 1 Summer CPP/6001 Assistant Teacher I Czech 2  
A Compulsory 1 Summer KT1/6005 Simple Movement Games Czech 1 The course is available to visiting students
A Compulsory 2 Winter KT1/6008 Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dances Czech 1 The course is available to visiting students
A Compulsory 2 Summer CPP/6002 Assistant Teacher II Czech 2  
A Compulsory 3 Winter CPP/6003 Assistant Teacher III Czech 2  
B Compulsory option 3 Winter KT1/6015 Winter Course Czech 5 The course is available to visiting students
B Compulsory option 3 Winter KT1/6014 Dances Czech 1 The course is available to visiting students
A Compulsory 3 Summer CPP/6004 Placement I Czech 4  
B Compulsory option 3 Summer KT1/6017 Hiking Course Czech 5 The course is available to visiting students
A Compulsory 4 Winter CPP/6005 Pedagogical Practice II Czech 4  
A Compulsory 4 Summer CPP/6006 Pedagogical Practice III Czech 4  
B Compulsory option 4 Summer KT1/6024 Alternative movement games and psychomotor activity Czech 1 The course is available to visiting students
A Compulsory 5 Winter CPP/6007 Project Practice Czech 6