Faculty Faculty of Education (PF)
Study programme Special Education (N7506)
Branch of study Special education (pedagogy) - counselling (7506T054/14 - A14)
Level of acquired qualification Postgraduate Master
Form of study Combined
Standard length of study 2 years
Number of ECTS credits 120
Qualification awarded Master (Mgr.)
Access to further studies Doctoral study programme  
Type of completion State Final Exam
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students
Klenerová Jana, Mgr.
Email: Jana.Klenerova@ujep.cz
Phone: +420475283165
Key learning outcomes Graduates are able to provide diagnostics in special pedagogy and counseling services to children, pupils and adults with different types of disabilities or disadvantages in relation to their families or co-workers as well as other educators. Graduates have the knowledge from the area of special pedagogy, counselling sub-disciplines, diagnostics, and intervention and counselling. Closely related to the diagnostics and counseling work is also the readiness of the graduate to a swift intervention, correct use of procedures with the adequate choice of educational methods and techniques which will help an individual to compensate and erase, or stabilize specific problems in the context of education and the overall life quality. Graduates have developer pedagogical and communicative skills and are able to use alternative communication techniques and also are able to use modern digital technology and devices.
Specific admission requirements unspecified
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning unspecified
Qualification requirements and regulations unspecified
Profile of the programme unspecified
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples unspecified
Branch of study guarantor Pešatová Ilona, doc. PhDr. PaedDr. Ph.D.
Simple list of courses for the given plan Course list by year of study and semester Structured list of courses in the plan
Status Recommended year of study Recommended semester Course code Course title (* Final State Examination) Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
A Compulsory 1 Winter KPS/4910 Pedagogical Psychology Czech 3  
A Compulsory 1 Winter KPR/4040 Digital technology in special education Czech 3  
A Compulsory 1 Summer KPR/4041 Quantitative and qualitative data processing Czech 3  
B Compulsory option 1 Summer KPS/49990 Selected psychotherapeutic directions. Czech 2  
B Compulsory option 1 Summer KPR/4044 Play Therapy Czech 2  
B Compulsory option 2 Winter CJP/4060 Professional English Czech 2  
B Compulsory option 2 Winter CJP/4160 Professional German Czech German 2  
A Compulsory 2 Summer KPR/4042 Special-educational diagnosis, intervention and counseling in early and pre-school age Czech 2  
B Compulsory option 2 Summer CPP/4197 Diploma Thesis Czech 5  
B Compulsory option 2 Summer KPR/4043 Dissertation Czech 5  
B Compulsory option 2 Summer KPS/4942 Diploma thesis Czech 8