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Faculty Faculty of Health Studies (FZS)
Study programme Specialization in Health Care (B5345)
Branch of study Occupational Therapy (5342R002/0 - A08)
Level of acquired qualification Bachelor
Form of study Full-time
Standard length of study 3 years
Number of ECTS credits 180
Qualification awarded Bachelor (Bc.)
Access to further studies Master study programme  
Type of completion
Study and Examination Code URL
Faculty coordinator for international students
Křížová Lenka, Bc.
Phone: +420475284266
Key learning outcomes A university education in ergotherapy has a wide base of specialized characteristics from the theoretical and clinical medicine fields. The respective ergotherapy and rehabilitation courses are connected by this medical base. Graduates are prepared for independent work in the field of ergotherapy within complex rehabilitative treatment. The professional profile of the graduate is to evaluate the described abilities and make use of information obtained in the subsequent care of the patient. The development of these abilities relies on knowledge and proficiency in the process of curative rehabilitation in individual clinical fields and also ergodiagnostics. Knowledge of psychology, special pedagogy and a knowledge of compensational aids are necessary as well as the ability to carry out proposals for the removal of architectural barriers. Specialist training in a foregn language is also currently part of the course. Graduates have the possibility to work in a team in primary rehabilitation workplaces, in rehabilitation departments and physical medicine, in rehabilitation centres and establishments, specialized children's, geriatrics and psychiatric insitutions, social care establishments, in special schools for physically and mentally disabled children, in requalification and reconditioning courses for people with physical disabilities, in protected departments, to monitor the adherence to ergonomic norms in various workplaces.
Specific admission requirements unspecified
Specific provisions for recognition of prior learning unspecified
Qualification requirements and regulations unspecified
Profile of the programme academical
Occupational profiles of graduates with examples unspecified
Branch of study guarantor Votava Jiří, doc. MUDr. CSc.
Simple list of courses for the given plan Course list by year of study and semester Structured list of courses in the plan
Status Recommended year of study Recommended semester Course code Course title (* Final State Examination) Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
A Compulsory 1 Winter KE/TVE1 Physical training I Czech English 1  
A Compulsory 1 Summer KF/FYZE2 Physiology II Czech 4  
A Compulsory 1 Summer KE/ANA2E Anatomy II Czech 5  
A Compulsory 1 Summer KE/VT PC work Czech English 2  
A Compulsory 1 Summer KE/TVE2 Physical training II Czech English 1  
A Compulsory 2 Winter KE/PATE Pathology Czech 2  
A Compulsory 2 Winter KE/PATEZ Pathophysiology Czech 2  
A Compulsory 2 Winter KE/TVE3 Physical training III Czech 1  
B Compulsory option 2 Winter KE/ANJE3 English language III Czech English 1  
B Compulsory option 2 Winter KE/NEJE3 German language III Czech German 1  
A Compulsory 2 Summer KE/PSCH2 Psychiatry II Czech 2  
A Compulsory 2 Summer KE/EPS Occupation therapy in psychiatry Czech 2  
A Compulsory 2 Summer KE/TVE4 Physical training IV Czech 1  
A Compulsory 2 Summer KE/PSPE2 Psychology and clinical psychology II Czech 3  
B Compulsory option 2 Summer KE/NEJE4 German language IV Czech German 1  
B Compulsory option 2 Summer KE/ANJE4 English language IV Czech English 1  
A Compulsory 3 Winter KE/HPE1 Occupational hygiene and ergonomics I Czech 2  
B Compulsory option 3 Winter KE/STPE Handicap sport Czech English 1  
C Optional 3 Winter KE/ZPFEE Law basics Czech 1  
A Compulsory 3 Summer KE/TVZPE Handicap physical training Czech English 1  
A Compulsory 3 Summer KE/HPE2 Occupational hygiene and ergonomics II Czech 6  
A Compulsory 3 Summer KE/PROT Prothetics Czech 4  
B Compulsory option 3 Summer KE/SOCE Sociology Czech 2  
C Optional 3 Summer KE/KTE Creative work in occupational therapy Czech English 2  
C Optional 3 Summer KE/MUZT2 Music Therapy II Czech English 3  
C Optional 3 Summer KE/TAIE Tai ji Czech 1