Courses of department: CCV

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Course code Course name Semester Language of instruction Number of ECTS credits Course availability
CCV/4012T Theory of Physical Education and Sports Summer Czech 4  
CCV/4274T Training tools in fitness training Winter and summer Czech 2  
CCV/49990 Selected psychotherapeutic directions. Summer Czech 2  
CCV/G4060 Introduction to special pedagogy I Winter Czech 3  
CCV/G4559 Practical course II Summer Czech 9  
CCV/G4612 Principles of dNU and Phoniatry Winter Czech 2  
CCV/G4613 Introduction to didactics Summer Czech 2  
CCV/J4232 Russian Winter and summer Czech 2  
CCV/J4243 unspecified Winter and summer Czech 2  
CCV/S4044 Play Therapy Summer Czech 2